May 23, 2015

Inside "The Storied Stitch" Exhibition

First look inside "The Storied Stitch" exhibition 

A local couple, both artists themselves, looking at my piece

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon my husband and I travelled with friends up the Hudson River to a small town called Sparkill for the closing reception of "The Storied Stitch," a group exhibition of contemporary women artists who use embroidery in their work: Orly Cogan, Michelle Kingdom, Katrina Majkut, Tamar Stone, and me.

Installation view of my piece "The Flatlands" 

A mixed-media installation by Tamar Stone

One of Michelle Kingdom's narrative embroideries, "How cloudy the glass had become" 

Four embroidered pieces on vintage fabrics by Orly Cogan 

Art-lovers of all ages enjoying the exhibition

And the obligatory portrait of the artist with her work [Photo: Martin Bland]

This was my first time showing the newest piece, so I was both nervous and excited to see how it looked in the gallery and what the reactions were.  Getting the work out of the studio and into the world is always the goal, but it can be quite nerve-wracking, especially when the work represents a new direction, like The Flatlands does.

The afternoon was full of good conversations with a wide range of fiber enthusiasts (including the former editor of Surface Design Journal, a textile magazine) and dear friends, colleagues & collectors of mine who had made the trip up from the city to see the show and offer their support. To have so much interest and support from friends and strangers alike was just incredible. Thank you to all who came, and special thanks to Carla Bellisio for putting the exhibition together, and for writing this about the work:
"Megan Canning brings sensuality and movement to the normally staid subject matter, the anatomical illustration. Inspired by the artful inner workings of the human body, Canning reveals the beauty in the scientific. The tongue becomes a landscape of fiery taste buds, the heart revealed as a pulsating muscle as well as the keeper of our desires. The physical and emotional body is shown to clash and harmonize, illuminating the art in the mechanics of humanity." 

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  1. Good to stop by this post and see amazing art. I too attended an art exhibition at one of San Francisco event venues where talented artists contributed. Was glad to see astonishing art work there. Would love to attend such more events if will get another chance.