April 10, 2015

Testing, continued

The three painted organdy panels hung up to dry

Starting to add some stitches to one of the painted panels 

Working on the top panel 

Pinning the first two layers together

All three panels are pinned together, ready to be stretched

Tacking the layers in place over the stretcher

The test piece hanging on the wall

I just finished the small test piece I've been working on. And I'm feeling less than thrilled with the final result.

The piece has three layers of organdy, each one painted and embroidered, that are stacked together and then tacked onto a wooden stretcher. What you don't see here are many of my botched attempts to separate the different layers using pieces of felt as spacers to try to give the work a little more dimension. What seemed like a good idea in the abstract was a terrible one when executed. Organdy is just too slippery.

So instead I ended up pinning each layer together, one panel at a time, and then tacking it to the wooden stretcher, with no space between the layers (making a much tighter painting "sandwich" than what I had originally envisioned). That same translucency that I'm so attracted to also became a problem in terms of the relationship between the image and the support stretcher.

This might not be the final solution for this piece after all.

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