November 9, 2014

Photo shoot

Setting up the shot

Bright lights

Coming in for the detail shots

The shot

A few details

And one more

It's not official until the photographer comes. So I spent the better part of my day cleaning up the studio to prepare for tonight's photo shoot.

The art photographer, whom I found through a friend of a friend a few years ago, also happens to work for the U.N. Isn't it amazing, the many talents and cool jobs that people have? So when she comes over to shoot the work, we also get to have fascinating conversations about global politics and her latest travels around the world.

And oh, what a difference a professional makes! Her shots are so much better than mine


  1. I've forwarded your blog to a few of my students for inspiration. Thanks for the thoughtful posts, piece looks really great.

    1. Thank you so much Christian, that is wonderful to hear!