October 24, 2014


Trying out a simple running stitch


Same thread, now couching instead

Side view

Two couched lines with the gray

Both versions underway

Gray vs white vertical stitches

Step 14 - try more versions of the couched lines
Step 15 - choose one

I had two visitors come over to the studio and look at the new piece, after I had ripped out the couched lines entirely. A little time had passed since I had taken out the lines and I was curious to get some fresh eyes on it. And they both agreed that the piece was missing something without those lines. So I started again, this time trying two variations with a gray horizontal line  – one with white vertical stitches and one with darker gray.


One aspect of my painting days that I sorely miss, especially when I am ripping out stitches for the third and fourth time, is how I could paint over a section that isn't working. Oh those were the days! Not only is embroidery an extremely slow medium, it is uncompromising.

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