October 17, 2014

And then, the undoing

The mess

Ripping out the orange couching

The white threads after removing the vertical orange stitches

All undone and hanging out

And then there were none

Some of you might recall that I wasn't convinced by the white and orange couched lines? Well, they got the axe. Or, in this case, the seam ripper. Yes, you read correctly. I undid the couched lines –again.

This is where things got more complicated though, since the two panels (linen and organdy) were seamed together and the piece was fully assembled. So I ripped out the orange vertical stitches, pulling the thread out when I could, but some pieces fell down in between the panels. If you look closely at the two images above, you can see some orange floaters. Kind of funny, kind of not. Trying to retrieve those bits of orange thread and being totally unsuccessful reminded me of my childhood days playing "Operation,"  and my failed attempts to retrieve that wishbone.

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