September 13, 2014

Here to stay

Working on the tiny letters & numbers under the magnifying glass 

Stitching letters upside down 

Stepping back to look now that all the tiny letters & numbers are finished 

The rolled up edge

Starting to stitch the line of text, at last! 

The first word done in split stitch 

Stitching the letters upside down so my brain focuses on the lines, not the words 

Four words down, two more to go 

The full line of stitched text on the organdy panel 

I try to show how things develop and progress over time but still, the photos are deceiving. They can't really show time. Each embroidered word on the organdy panel took me over an hour to do. Six words, probably eight to ten hours total.

I changed the thread I had planned to use, went with the DMC Perle instead of their regular embroidery floss because of its twisted texture. Much harder to use on the fragile organdy though, since it's so thick. But I like the contrast of that stitching with the delicate navy letters and numbers I just finished.

When I stepped back to take this last picture, I had that feeling again of "I hope I didn't ruin it." There is no way I am going to rip out that line of stitched text. I have already undone a few sections of embroidery, but that one is here to stay.

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