May 2, 2014

Zooming in

Working a stitch in silk thread

The view underneath 

It's a bright and sunny day in Brooklyn and I am so happy to be back here.

I started working with a fairly thick silk thread (the light gray above) that has been a bit tricky to use on such delicate material with a more open weave. Usually I would back the area with interfacing to give the stitches a bit more support so they don't pull so hard on the fabric, but I can't do that here since I'm using a sheer fabric.

Eye-level with the stitching 

Zooming in

And zooming out 

A closer look at some of the painting

Loosening the frame to give the organdy a rest

My worktable below 

The underside 

When you spend so much time on the making of the piece, it's longevity and integrity is utmost in your mind. Especially when there are embroideries dating back several hundred years like this still in such good condition. I can only hope my work stands the test of time and is so well-cared for.

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