May 23, 2014


Working under the light 

Beginning the embroidered accents around the painted red figures 

Nighttime is such a peaceful time to be in the studio.

Under the magnifying glass 

Stitching up close 

Running stitch in yellow  

Adding in red accents

Looking down through the organdy to the table below 

An oblique view with the linen panel in the background

Lately I've been trying to wake up earlier and get more time for myself to read, jog or meditate before the day really begins.  But I do love being in the studio in the evenings, when most people are home and it's quieter in the building and in the world in general. When it's daytime and beautiful outside, it's often difficult to be as focused as I should be because I'm thinking about being outside instead of in. The darkness of the night forces me to focus only on the inside, on where my lights are shining, on the work at hand.

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