May 16, 2014

Letters and numbers

Letters and numbers require tiny stitches...

...and a magnifying glass  

Embroidering tiny letters and numbers requires a good deal of patience (and a willingness to rip out stitches and start again when the letters end up all crooked). And if you ask any of my friends and family, "patient" is not a word they would use to describe me.

My template of different sized letters and numbers 

Working under the magnifying glass 

Looking at the two layers of fabric together 

Adding edging in plum 

The completed plum edging 

The organdy panel with some of the stitched words 

But somehow, when I'm making art, my patience grows. And then when I'm not, my supply returns to normal, which means, not much for me.

When visitors come to the studio and see the work in person, often the first thing they say is "What patience you must have!" And I can't help but laugh, because no one ever talks about how patient I am.

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