February 8, 2014

ready to roll

Attaching the organdy with strips of Velcro and rolling it onto the rods 

Ready to attach the rods to the stand

I'm so excited to finally put my new table stand to work.

After looking for months for an embroidery frame that would hold the material taut but did not involve tacks or squeezing the material in a way that would do permanent damage, I finally found this stand online.

Tightening the rods onto the stand  

Fully assembled and standing

Rotating the frame to see the underside

The underside of the work 

The right side of the panel 

Organdy up close 

Looking straight on 

The design is simple and the pieces are interchangeable, available in a range of sizes so you can mix and match.  Not only can it accommodate large work but the frame rotates easily so I can turn the work upside down to look at the underside, tie off ends, fix stitches (or rip them out). And since it is freestanding, that means both my hands are free to do the embroidery, which is amazing. Oh and did I mention that it also comes apart into several pieces? Key for a NYC-sized studio with very little storage space. 

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