December 26, 2013

finishing the french knots + a new find

Work bench 
New addition to my studio library
Inside the front cover
Looking through the page of stitches 
The organdy panel raised up on the work table 
Wrapping the thread around the needle to make the knot
Pulling the thread tight around the needle 
Getting ready to pull the needle through the fabric
Making more french knots
And more
Finishing the knots
Another view of the knots

So the french knots continued for a few more studio sessions to finish up the light blue section on the panel. I can't quite put my finger on what they remind me of when they are in a bunch like this, but I do love how they look. A bunch of brussel sprouts? Berries? 

In the meantime, I added a new embroidery book to my studio library, "Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches." Every time I visit a used bookstore, I hit the science and medical section first and then the crafts section, where I can sometimes score a vintage gem like this one by Mary Thomas. I've been getting more interested in these vintage books, to learn and discover new stitches that may have been popular at one time, but are rarely seen today. It's a vocabulary of sorts that I am slowly building up over time, of different stitches and techniques. Soon it might be time to make a new sampler for myself. Perhaps I'll add that to the list in the New Year. 

And speaking of the New Year, happy holidays everyone! We are spending the holiday with my mother-in-law in rural Illinois, where it is 10 degrees outside, we can see for miles and miles across the cornfields, and there is a grain bin across the road. Quite a different landscape than what we are used to in Brooklyn. 

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