November 29, 2013

pom-pom baby hat

Filling out the info about the hat on my homemade "Made by Megan" tag

My custom "Made by Megan" rubber stamp

Stamping the small note card to accompany the gift

The knitted pom-pom baby hat with its info tag
The packaged hat, ready to be shipped

Little Lu, clearly delighted by his pom-pom baby hat

Since I've just confessed my love of pom-poms, it should come as no surprise that I love putting pom-poms on things. Like the heads of babies.  That is, on top of a knitted hat, on top of a baby's head.

So–as if you needed any more convincing about the many delights of pom-poms–here are a few pics of the finished pom-pom baby hat being packaged before I sent it out to a special little guy in the Midwest.

 I mean, c'mon. Is he not the cutest in his sporty little pom-pom hat? Adorable.

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