November 3, 2013

lisa nilsson's quilled anatomy

Entering the Connective Tissue exhibition

"Transverse Head-Tongue"
"Midsagittal Female"
"Coronal Man" (plus my reflection)

I don't remember when or where I first saw them online (perhaps here or here), but I've been enthralled by Lisa Nilsson's anatomical cross-sections ever since.  And now, they've made their way to New York City, where you can see them in person at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery in Chelsea. Made with rolled pieces of paper, a technique called quilling, my snapshots don't come close to capturing the amazing, intricate detail of her work.

So go see them with your own eyes, if you can!
And if you can't make it to the show, you could always watch her Ted talk.

"Connective Tissue," is up now at Pavel Zoubok Gallery in Chelsea until November 9th. Pavel Zoubok is at 531 West 26th Street and open from 10-6pm, Tuesday - Saturday. 

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