November 19, 2013

I love pom-poms (aka, a tutorial)

All the materials to make the pom-pom

Opening up the small pom-pom maker

 Wrapping the yarn 

Closing the maker and cutting the end off 

 Cutting the yarn around the middle 

Finishing up the cutting 

Wrapping a new piece of yarn around the middle

 Tying the knot around the center 

Pulling apart the pom-pom maker 

And voila, the finished pom-pom

The pom-pom attached to the baby hat

I am not ashamed to say this - I love pom-poms.

Those little balls of soft fuzzy color just make me smile. I can't resist them. The word too is so fun to say –  apparently the word dates back to a mid-18th century French term for "ornamental round tuft."  And once you know how easy they are to make, it's hard not to find an excuse to make lots of them (which is how I ended up with a pom-pom garland for my Christmas tree last year).

So I thought I'd share a little step-by-step tutorial here – all you need is a little bit of yarn (or yarns, go wild!), a pom-pom maker (I have all three sizes, but used the small size for the one in the photos) and a pair of scissors. The steps are outlined in the photos and captions above. It's really that simple. And that fun.

Like potato chips, it's hard to stop at just one.

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