October 14, 2013

seeing is believing

Flipping the organdy panel over  
Positioning the organdy on top of the letters 
Close up view
Starting to trace the letters
Trying to hold the organdy in place with fabric weights
Bird's eye view with the newly traced text 

Fall has been jam packed with great shows to see like this and this, a special workshop, a friend's wedding, a field trip to the Adirondacks, and most recently, the "Festival of Medical History & the Arts" at the New York Academy of Medicine. Time keeps marching on and so does the work in the studio, but you wouldn't know that by looking at the latest posts. And seeing is believing. So let's rewind the clock a little bit so you can see what's been happening....

The last time I shared a studio update, I had finished the painting on the panels and put together my embroidery plan and thread palette. Settling on the text was the last piece to put into place before I could begin the embroidery.

I like to play around with things in the studio, test them and see how they work before I make a final decision. But all this testing means that I can be slow to finalize things, because I'm still thinking through all kinds of options. The text for this panel was one of those very cases, where I had tried all different fonts and sizes and styles, taping the options onto the wall and studying them before I finally committed and traced it onto the organdy.

Which means it's time to start the embroidery.

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