October 20, 2013

field trip: sheep & wool festival

"Make it with wool" straight ahead 
Goats !
A typical booth inside the festival
Spools of colorful cotton for weaving 
A handwoven basket from Vermont 
Fresh apple cider break 
The fall foliage in Rhinebeck
A vendor showing off his sheepskins
A loom set up for anyone to try 
A detail of the day's weaving
One of my souvenirs - a woven coaster
Hand-dyed silk & cashmere yarn from Lisa Souza
A striped denim circular needle case 

I know I just said that I was going to catch you up on the progress in the studio, but yesterday's day trip up the Hudson River for the Sheep & Wool Festival is too good to keep to myself. There were sheep! And goats! And llamas and alpacas and even a kangaroo.

But of course there was also yarn. Lots and lots of colorful, soft, beautiful, amazing yarn. So much so that at first the sheer amount of color and beauty is totally intoxicating as you move from booth to booth, looking and touching all the yarns, wanting one of everything. Until that intoxication turns into saturation and becomes a bit dizzying (kind of like the art fatigue one experiences in major museums) and you have to stop for a cup of hot apple cider and maybe a doughnut.

My "festival fatigue" may have helped me resist the luxurious sheepskin slippers and heirloom baskets from Vermont, but I certainly did not leave without a few small souvenirs–a fun handwoven coaster, a skein of "Zazu" yarn, and a case for circular knitting needles from Crippen Works in Millerton, NY.

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