October 28, 2013

at last, the embroidery

One last look before the embroidery
Tools & materials at the ready
Setting up the panel on sawhorses
The first few stitches
Beginning the french knots
French knots action shot
Looking through the organdy panel to the floor below
First set of french knots complete

I get this kind of internal buzzing right before I am about to begin embroidering. It's a special kind of excitement that happens. Maybe it's just my own love affair with the materials, the process, bringing something out of my head and into the world – or maybe there is something more to it, something a bit magical about embroidery. [I know, it sounds cheesy. If I can think of a more eloquent way to talk about this, I will share it with you. But this is what I've got right now, so I'm going with it.]

As I prepare the sawhorses and set up my tools, make tea and put on one of my favorite podcasts to listen to in the studio, the excitement builds while I revel in thoughts of the beautiful thread, the color, and the stitches to come.

And then, at last, it's time to begin–to make the first stitch into the fabric. I feel enamored, elated that the moment has finally arrived.

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