August 30, 2013

field trip: katya's studio

A tile mosaic in the 36th Street subway station in Sunset Park
Consulting the map in the 36th Street subway station
A massive raw space inside Katya's building in Industry City 
The view from her building of  Lady Liberty
The orange hallway leading to Katya's studio  
Katya's work table
A shelf of her nylon sculptures 
Katya arranging a sculpture 
A sculptural necklace  
A wall of sculptures 
A close shot of the hot pink wall sculpture 
A portrait of the artist with her work

I recently went on a field trip to my friend Katya's studio in the massive Industry City complex in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Katya and I met several years ago through a mutual friend at my first solo show in New York and have been artist friends ever since. We share a love for color and soft sculpture, and the fact that she hails from Ohio and went to the same university as I did meant that we were even faster friends.

After lunch at one of her favorite neighborhood haunts, we made our way to the lovely, well-lit studio space that she shares with her boyfriend, a painter, inside Industry City. A former shipping terminal dating back to 1895, the complex comprises 17 buildings and 6.5 million square feet of commercial and creative space and has recently undergone a major renovation.

I was excited to see the latest batch of soft sculptures she had made out of brightly-colored lady's nylons. Sitting on the tabletop or hanging on the wall – or sometimes decorating the body as necklaces, hairpieces, rings or pins – the sculptures have a playful quality, and I liked how they could be shaped and molded into different positions.

She has also started to experiment with multiples and will actually be creating an edition of 50 small sculptures for the first share of the Brooklyn Art & Design CSA. Although the shares have already sold out for her batch of the CSA, there is a free event on September 21st where you can meet the artists and buy additional artwork. Her lips were sealed when I saw her as to what exactly she would be making for the CSA – so I guess you will just have to meet her on the 21st to find out...


To see more of Katya's work, please visit her website.  You can also see some of her wearable sculptures in the October issue of American Craft. 

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  1. I love this girl! We met many years ago, shared and adventure and I have just adored her ever since. I wish her the very best of luck with this awesome endeavor of hers.