July 29, 2013

all lined up and ready to go

Beginning to brainstorm palette  
Sketching out the embroidery plan
Laying out my new thread
Trying different thread on the organdy 
Starting to fill in the thread chart 
The thread project card 
All lined up and ready to go

Putting together an embroidery plan and a thread palette is so satisfying, looking at all the possibilities, touching the various threads, comparing the subtle differences in the color, the weight. I am so easily seduced by color. Laying it out on my table, digging through my bins of thread – this part of the process always gets me so excited and anxious to begin the embroidery.

I've been trying to get better at planning ahead, instead of picking the thread as I go along and then running out midway. It's still hard to know exactly how the thread will work on a piece, especially this one, since I am working on organdy for the first time ( a fickle material, if you recall). Often I'll begin with one thread and won't be happy with how it looks, so I have to rip out the stitches and start over with another. So much of art-making is just trial & error.

Recently I discovered these project cards at my favorite embroidery shop and I have to tell you, they make me so happy. It's the simple things like this that make life a little bit better.  I love having my thread palette so well organized – I can't believe I've never come across these before now. The cards come in two different sizes and they even have a little magnet on the end to attach your needles, if you like. Added bonus: they are portable, so I can throw it into my bag and bring it to the shop when I need to re-stock.

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