June 16, 2013

ironing your art

The "right" side of the linen panel, ready to be ironed

Ironing the "wrong" side of the linen panel

The "wrong" side of the organdy panel, ready to be ironed 

Ironing the "wrong" side of the organdy panel 
Let's agree, shall we, that an iron is not your typical studio equipment?

So it probably comes as no surprise that the idea of ironing your artwork takes a little getting used to. I mean, I don't even like ironing my clothes. And now I have to iron my artwork too?

But ironing is what I found myself doing in the studio in order to heat-set the textile paint onto the two panels. I almost forgot this step in the process, that's how much I blocked out the idea of ironing my paintings in my mind. It's a minor step really, and necessary to ensure that all the painting I just spent weeks doing will not go rogue on me later on. So even though it was like 90 degrees on a summer day, I donned my protective white gloves, flipped the panels over, and ironed away.

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