May 7, 2013

the latest

how the linen panel looks now 

my worktable 


again - with more paint this time 

the studio in a messier state 

note the newest tool - an iron!  

the latest attempt at clamping the panels

Although you haven't seen an update for a little while (there have been birthdays, lecturesfield trips...) a slow and steady progress has been made in the studio on the new project.

The last time you saw this panel, I had just begun the painting and was in the honeymoon phase, rediscovering all the joys and pleasures that come with painting. Not having used paint in some time, it's hard to know when to stop, when you've gone and overdone it.

Kind of like making caramel–you have to know when it's close to being done, and take it off the stove just before, because it will keep cooking a bit longer.  Maybe it's too simple of an analogy. But knowing when to stop the painting before you've gone and overcooked it...definitely a learned skill.

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