May 17, 2013

friday at frieze (part 2)

Linen panels at Stephen Friedman Gallery by Tonico Lemos Auad
A detail of the subtle patterns 
A weaving by Ann Cathrin
Oil painting on raw linen (artist unknown)
A Tom Friedman sculpture 
And another Tom Friedman 
A sculpture by Nick van Woert with a walnut at the top (Ocko drawings in background)
A "score" drawing by Damir Ocko 
A second one
Another Ernesto Neto wall sculpture at Bonakdar
A wall sculpture (artist unknown)
A booth dedicated to Renee So
One of the knitted paintings by Renee So 
Another knitted painting 
A detail
Leaving the tent to meet friends in the outdoor beer garden
Waiting to pick up my pizza from Roberta's mobile pizza stand 
Ending our day with pizza from Roberta's and a Rastafa Rye Ale from Blue Point 

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