April 26, 2013

remember this dress?

M in the dress
doesn't she look smashing in it? 
Remember that custom embroidery I did on a dress a few months ago? Well, many of you have been asking for a photo of M wearing the dress and now I finally have a few to share with you.

These photos were taken at a recent benefit event in New York for the Center for Anti-Violence Education called "The Prom You Always Wanted" (hence the long stem roses).

Doesn't M look gorgeous?

P.S. Since she was so kind to allow me to post these photos, I do want to give a little shout-out to an independent documentary film she is in called "Out of Order." The film is being made now, and follows three openly queer ministers in the Presbyterian church, one of them being the ever-inspirational M. You can watch the trailer for the film here

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