March 6, 2013

Liz's library

Liz's photo of her bookshelves
A few weeks ago, I shared some snapshots of my studio library and invited readers to do the same. Well what arrived in my inbox this week, but a mysterious photo of a bookshelf.

It turns out the photo came from one of the collection managers at the National Museum of Health & Medicine, Liz, who gave me a tour of the Museum's collection and exhibitions when I was visiting last week. As you might have guessed from the books on her shelf, she is also a ceramic artist (you can see some of her work on her blog, Mud and Horses).  Thank you Liz for sharing your bookshelves! Anyone else feeling inspired now?

p.s. I will be posting highlights from my museum visit later this week, but until then, I hope you enjoy the book voyeurism.

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