March 30, 2013

a peek into the studio

getting ready to trace the drawing onto the fabric
weighing the material down with these pink fabric weights
setting up my new scroll frame

looking at the back of the scroll frame with the linen panel
the linen panel is fully wound onto the frame
gathering supplies
getting started on the color studies
my project clipboard with the finished color studies

Here's a little peek at what I am up to right now in the studio.

This winter, I purchased a new tool for hand-embroidery called a tabletop scroll frame. It's quite smart actually–it comes with strips of velcro that you stick onto the waste ends of your fabric in order to attach the fabric to the scroll rods and then roll the fabric onto the frame. No holes and no basting. Genius. And, you don't get your grimy handprints all over the fabric like you do using a traditional embroidery hoop. 

Probably a bit hard to tell what exactly I am up to, since it is still in the readying stage–it's a new series of large-scale fabric panels that I have been planning for a while now,  making drawings, doing research, working out the compositions, testing materials, etc. Not very glamorous, the preparatory work.  But necessary. I've just worked up some color studies for the piece. Next I need to select the threads and I'll be ready to begin.  

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