March 26, 2013

20 minutes of joy

Moments of pure joy are hard to come by. I mean pure, unadulterated joy where the feeling warms your entire body and heart, and you can't stop smiling. And in a town like New York City, these moments are pretty rare. So when they do pop up, you are completely taken aback - and so very grateful.

Today I have Nick Cave, Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit to thank for my twenty minutes of joy. Cave's performance piece, "Heard NY," is a wonderful interruption in the midst of Grand Central station - bringing joy, wonder and whimsy to a majestic public space. The soundsuits alone are incredible objects to see, but when they come alive, it becomes something otherworldly and unexpected. I don't want to tell you any more and give away what happens - it's best if you experience it for yourself. 

[You can read and see more about the project here:]

1 comment:

  1. This video is great, with the odd lighting it reads like something from Fellini's Satyricon or some odd roman ritual.