January 3, 2013

lucky 13?

Thirteen has been my lucky number for a long time...I can't quite remember exactly when it began, but it was solidified when I met the man who would later become my husband and found out he was born on December 13th. 

For a while now, I have gone through in my mind all the reasons to not start a blog. The list went something like this:
  1. The world does not need another blog. (It really really does not. I know.)
  2. There are so many beautiful blogs way more sophisticated than what I can manage.
  3. I already have too many projects & commitments.
  4. My camera is sub-par. 
  5. My computer is dying. For real. 
You get the idea, right?

Well, now it's 2013, and here I go.


What changed my mind? Hmm.

Time did.

New York is a physically challenging city. I don't mean because we walk a lot (which we do) but because it takes so long to get around - whether you are walking, biking, taking the subway (or bus or train), or driving.  This place is just huge. Which means it is difficult to see people as much as I would like. And we have less time for doing it, because we are in transit for so long each day.

I make art for many reasons, one of them being a deep desire to share. Some of you have been to my studio but most of you have not. And I wish you could come over.  Consider this your formal invitation.

For the rest of you, I  hope you will come in.

- Megan 

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