January 28, 2013

knit+wine turns 4

the beautiful chocolate stout bundt cake made especially for knit+wine's 4th birthday (thank you R!)

settling in at the wine bar

ready to devour the cake

the last piece

It really is so hard to believe that I started Knit+Wine over four years ago...I was a brand-new knitter at the time and excited by the communal aspect of knitting. I knew there had to be tons of knitters in my neighborhood and I was eager to connect with them (still can't believe we don't have our own yarn store!). And, if we're being honest, get some knitting help too.

But there wasn't a group in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill (at least one that did not meet in a coffeeshop), so feeling inspired, I walked into my favorite neighborhood wine bar, talked to the owner, and a few weeks later, Knit+Wine Night was born. I made a few homemade cards and handed them out to random knitters I saw on the subway, left stacks around the neighborhood, and sent out an email to friends. And I think maybe two people showed up for the first one.  Including me.

Now, four years later, we have over 400 members on MeetUp and growing (!!).  I have met so many amazing people over the years that I would never have met otherwise, and I am so grateful for all of them. Romances have blossomed, babies are being born,  books are being published, yet on the last Sunday of every month, one thing remains constant - we are knitting and drinking wine together.

Happy Birthday Knit+Wine! 


  1. Heym budding romances, that's me right?
    Nice blog!

  2. yes! you & m are one of three romances actually...

  3. I think that first meeting was you, me and Steph! Congratulations and happy birthday Knit & Wine!