January 18, 2013

hiking monk's pond

starting out on the monk's pond trail at Kripalu
beautiful branch that reminded me of nerves

teeny tiny pinecone
the snowy woods
the destination: Monk's Pond
Hiking in the snow was one of my favorite things about my recent silent retreat. The brightness it lends to the woods. The ability to see everything more clearly. And the quiet – everything is blanketed in this extra layer of quiet.

My first hike at Kripalu was along one of the shortest and easiest trails, up to Monk's Pond. Kripalu has acres and acres of land, but they are also very lucky to be surrounded by many publicly-preserved lands, which buffers the campus even more from civilization.

I did this hike in the morning just before lunch. The sun was out, the sky was pretty clear, and I didn't see anyone. It felt magical.

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