January 18, 2013

hiking burbank ridge

climbing the ridge

the official scenic overlook for the trail, at the top of the ridge
the best part of the hike - a simple bench next to a mountain stream

 me & my favorite spot on the trail, captured via the self-timer
The best hike I did at Kripalu was along the Burbank Ridge Trail (a 5 mile loop), just past Monk's Pond.  Basically, the trail climbed up one side of a mountain ridge, followed the top of the ridge for a bit, then descended the mountain, ending up back at the pond.

The best part of the hike came towards the end, when I turned a bend and spotted a sweet little wooden bench sitting right next to a stream. A perfect spot to sit and listen to the water and be very grateful - for the woods and the mountains, the sun and the snow, and the genius who placed that wooden bench there.

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